Juan Pons Server



Its beginnings

Born in 1941 in the town of Adsubia (Alicante, Spain) where he began his musical studies in his native village with Professor Alfonso Oltra.


Later he entered the School of Music of Valencia, obtaining years later advanced degrees in the fields of Piano, Composition and Conducting.


His teachers include Joseph M.ª Gomar (Music Theory), Daniel De Nueda (Piano) José M ª Cervera (Harmony), Amando Blanquer (Composition) and José Ferriz (Conducting).



He extends and refines studies making a total of fifteen courses or Special Education courses, among them it highlights the one organized by the Department of Fine Arts in August 1971, as an intern, under the supervision of world renown teachers, including Barbara Haselbach from the Orff Institute in Salzburg (Austria) and László Ördög, professor at the Academy of Music in Budapest (Hungary).


He also excels in courses of "Musical Analysis", taught by Professors Günther Becker (German) and Jacques Chailley (French).



Tribute concert of the Woodwind Department at the School of Music "José Iturbi" in Valencia.

As Professor

His teaching is very extensive, imparting the teachings of Theory of Music and Music Theory, Piano, Harmony, Musical Forms, Counterpoint and Fugue and Composition.

His first teaching experiences were as music teacher in different primary and secondary schools in Valencia Province, such as Santa Barbara School in Rocafort and Salesian School "San Antonio Abad" in Valencia.

He was a professor of Theory of Music and Piano in the Choir of Our Lady of the Forsaken of Valencia and Professor of Music Theory at the "Musical Institute Giner", playing in turn the position of Head of Studies.



From 1968 to 1969, he was appointed music professor of the Hon. City Council of Valencia, a position he happens to occupy in property in 1978, teaching Theory of Music, Music Theory and Piano, and since 1992-93 the subject of Musical Forms at the School of Music "José Iturbi".


Moreover, from 1972-73 he also initiates his stage, covering twelve years, as a professor of music theory and theory of music at the School of Music of Valencia. From 1980 to 1981, he was appointed professor of this same subject, which will combine with the teaching of counterpoint and fugue and composition as assistant of Professor D. Amando Blanquer.


During 1993-1994, while continuing with his teaching, he was appointed Head of Studies at the School of Music "José Iturbi" in Valencia, a position he will hold until April 2011 which is when his career ended on his retirement.


Also, in 2011, to mark the end of his time as a teacher, three-Tribute Concerts were held at the School of Music "José Iturbi" on the occasion of his forty-two years of teaching in this school. One, organized by the Woodwind Department; another, by the Department of Piano and Chamber Music, and another by the School Children's Choir “Juan Bautista Comes” conducted by Cristina Contreras. Also in this event, his CD was presented, “Tribute to Valencia”, where the pianist Fernando Tortajada performed several pieces of the CD.

As Conductor


He was conductor of the Alboraia Band of Music, having also conducted eventually Valencia Municipal Band and also the Symphony Orchestra of the School of Music and the School of Music "José Iturbi" from Valencia, playing some of his own works.


He has participated as a member of the selection board in various choir competitions and Band festivals, among them, the one organized by the Town Council of Valencia annually, being his piece of work " Overture 1970"(Obertura 1970) a compulsary work twice.

As Composer

His catalog of works includes different styles and musical genres: Symphony and Chamber Orchestra, Duos , Trios Quartets ; Choral Music, Piano works , etc., being published and released much of his production by different reknown groups as the Municipal Band and the Symphony Orchestra of Valencia.


Among his didactic works publications it is worth mentioning his book "Musical Introduction", which thousands of Valencian children have started their musical studies with in secondary schools, music academies and schools of music.


Presentation of the album “Musical Moment” ("Momento Musical") in October 2005 along with the performers, Miguel Angel Gorrea with the violin and Fernando Tortajada with the piano.


With respect to its copyrighted works it is worth pointing out the recording of two CDs, one by the duo of Miguel Angel Gorrea (Violin) and Fernando Tortajada (Piano), entitled “Musical Moment” ("Momento Musical") and another with piano works performed by Fernando Tortajada, entitled “Tribute to Valencia”.

He belongs to the Society of Authors and Editors of Spain (SGAE) and to the Association of Valencian Symphonic Composers (COSICOVA), which is a founding member.